Foot & Ankle Health in Medina

Foot & Ankle Health in Medina

Chiropractic Medina OH Ankle PainWe can divide the foot into 3 areas: rearfoot, midfoot, and forefoot. We will go over the three areas of the foot and common causes of pain for each. We will then show a few exercises that we may use in the office. As always it is important to see your chiropractor or other provider if you are experiencing any pain and to not take any of the exercises as medical advice!

Chiropractic Medina OH Ankle PainFirst, we will cover the rear foot or commonly called the heel. The most common cause of rearfoot pain is plantar fasciitis. This is often mistaken as “heel spur”. This is common in runners and older adults. It can be due to how we’re loading weight into the joint such as supination or pronation. It may also be due to overuse or new activities that your foot may not be used to. Plantar fasciitis pain is usually worse in the morning and improves with exercise and can be aggravated by standing.

Chiropractic Medina OH Ankle PainHeading towards the middle of your foot is where a group of little bones called tarsal bones are located. Common injuries in this location consist of navicular stress fracture, midtarsal joint sprain, Lisfranc sprain, tibialis posterior tendinopathy, and plantar fascia strain. Navicular stress fractures are common in populations that start a high load activity. The navicular bone is between the talus and cuneiforms and can be “jammed” when there’s inadequate amount of dorsiflexion. When there’s a decreased motion, the pressure has to rely on other structures which is what happens here. Another very common injury is the midtarsal joint sprain. These occur after ankle injuries and more common in gymnasts, jumpers, and football athletes. Lisfranc joint refers to the joining between the long metatarsal bones and the small tarsal bones. Injuries in these joints are not common in the general population but is the second most common foot injury in athletes. The Tibialis posterior muscle attaches on the inner side of the foot. Stress on this tendon causes inner foot pain that some may get confused with plantar fasciitis.

The forefoot is made up of long bones called metatarsals that further form into your toes. Plenty of injuries occur here and are very common in the active population. Most common injuries here are metatarsal stress fractures, metatarsophalangeal joint sprain (turf toe), and synovitis in active populations. In the general population things such as Morton’s neuroma and bunions are common as well. Stress fractures result from repetitive trauma, especially when we have to compensate for lack of motion in other joint. Morton’s neuroma is more common in women from wearing narrow shoes. This compression causes pressure on the nerve between the third and fourth toe and causes it to inflame. It feels like a pebble in your foot and when stepped on, it can cause a very sharp pain in your foot.

So, can chiropractic help with any of these? A recurring pattern was that a lot of these injuries result from inadequate motion, not applying force correctly through the appropriate joints, or an overuse injury. In our office you should expect a few foot adjustments where we find what joints are not moving well and the direction they’re not moving. Ankle adjustments also increase neurological input to help us with joint motion and position sense and decreases the intensity and pain frequency sent into our nervous system. This is when active care is vital now that we have the motion and decreased the pain, we should teach how to properly load that joint.

I like to start with the feet when it comes to any sort of movement because that is our foundation. Even when you’d think the foot doesn’t play a big part in a lift, it plays a bigger part than you’d think. Properly loading any joint will carry over in other lifts and activities, so why not start there?

Chiropractic Medina OH Squat ExerciseCan you do a counterweight squat? This is a test I do with everyone with pain in the feet. Hold a 25-pound weight in front of you and perform a deep squat. Do you feel your weight shift towards your forefoot? Do your heels lift up? This can be from poor queuing such as sit your weight back causing you to lean to far forward, or it can be from inadequate motion in the ankle or any joint in the foot. The picture on the left shows having available motion in ankles and the ability to sit deep in a squat. The picture on the right you can see the heels coming up off the ground.


  1. Toe flossing
  2. Ball rolling
  3. Table lunge/with band
  4. Door jamb squat

Chiropractic Medina OH Ankle and Foot Exercises

These are just a few exercises we may use in the office. The goal of these is to increase mobility where needed and increase the quality of loading into our foot/ankle. What this means is we are focused on how you move and how you apply force into certain joints. We could do banded exercises all day long, but that’s not fixing the way your ankle moves under load. Come in for a more specific treatment plan made for you!

This blog is intended only for educational purposes and not medical advice. If you are experiencing any foot and/or ankle pain, please see your provider! As always, we NEVER sign you up for long expensive treatment plans and NO contracts.


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