Chiropractic Care for Thigh Pain in Medina

Chiropractic Care for Thigh Pain in Medina

Chiropractic Care for Thigh Pain in Medina OH

The most common cause of posterior thigh pain is a hamstring muscle strain in active population. Up to one third of hamstring injuries will have a recurrence. Another very common cause of posterior thigh pain is referral from lumbar spine, often referred to as sciatica. This is the most likely cause of the pain in populations that are less active or sitting at desks for long periods of time. A history and exam will tell us if it is muscle related or nerve related. ⁠

⁠Hamstring strain⁠

  • acute onset ⁠
  • often difficult to walk/run⁠
  • reduction in stretch ⁠

⁠Referral ⁠

  • usually, gradual feeling of tightness⁠
  • often able to walk/jog ⁠
  • not much reduction in stretch ⁠

⁠During an exam, our team at Medina Sports And Family Chiropractic in Medina will perform tests to help us differentiate between nerve tension and muscle tension. This better helps us prescribe specific rehab for you! ⁠

Lateral thigh pain is commonly reported as “IT band syndrome”. More commonly, this can be a result of nerve irritation originating from the low back. Patients who experience this pain usually complain of pain, burning, and tightness along the side of the thigh that may go down to the knee. The most common conclusion to this complaint is foam rolling. This treatment further compresses the nerve and often fails as a result. Instead, we should address the low back and properly loading the hip joint! This falls into our specialty at Medina Sports & Family Chiropractic. We have a few hip and low back exercises you can find on our social media (linked below).

Pain on the front of the thigh may not be as common as pain on the back of the thigh but can share a common source, the spine. Other areas that can refer pain to the front of your thigh are SI joint and/or hip. We here at Medina Sports & Family Chiropractic are specialized in neuromusculoskeletal care and take our time to determine which joints can be at fault and treat accordingly.

A small nerve that travels into the anterior thigh called Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve is often the culprit to these complaints. The medical term given to this condition is Meralgia Paraesthetica (don't worry, we won't ask you to say it). Commonly this nerve becomes pinched in any population that wears tight belts such as police officers, welders, construction workers, etc. This may even mimic groin pain, making it somewhat difficult to differentiate between hip, and spine. We use specific nerve tension tests that can determine where along this nerve it is tight/sensitive so we can prescribe a more detailed treatment plan just for you!

Other than tight belts, this nerve may become irritated in sports that have repeated hip flexion and extension. Obesity and pregnancy can also compress this nerve.

People often complain about pain, burning, and numbness of the anterior and lateral thigh. Sitting may relieve pain as it would decrease the tension on the nerve.

Treatment is almost always conservative. Local corticosteroids and surgery offer limited evidence for relief. If injured in a contact sport, thigh and hip pads may offer a preventative plan in avoiding re-injury.

While none of these require surgery, these can all be managed conservatively with chiropractic and active care. If you are experiencing any of these thigh symptoms, make an appointment with our team at Medina Sports And Family Chiropractic! In the meantime, check out our other blogs and social media!


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