Why Movement Matters

Why Movement Matters

Exercise Smarter in Medina

Clinically, movement tells us physicians at Medina Sports & Family Chiropractic a lot. Disc herniations, facet syndrome, muscle sprain/strain, and other back injuries all have their own movement patterns that cause pain and even take pain away, this is called “directional preference”. This tells us what movements bother you the most, what movements may take your pain away, altering certain movements may create or take away symptoms as well. This all gives us adequate information to determine what movement-based rehab we will be using. Therefore, we believe everyone is different and do not use cookie cutter treatments.

I wanted to write about the kinesiopathologic model (KPM) since I believe this is the biggest reason why we here at Medina Sports and Family Chiropractic are different from other chiropractors. Yes, we accept all insurances and never sign anyone up for lengthy contracts or treatment plans, but this model is how we can get away from those long treatment plans. Breaking down this word simply means: Kinesio- movements, pathologic- pathology/disease. So certain movement patterns that cause pain, to make it even simpler. This model is different from the traditional model in that we look how you move. We went over the research before that imaging is inaccurate when diagnosing pain. Traditional model goes after structures (disc bulge, facet, degeneration, etc) while KPM takes a step back and asks the question of WHY you are in pain. For example: a patient complains of low back pain and a doctor diagnosed them with facet syndrome. The patient has pain with extension. Instead of trying to fix the specific tissue (the facets), we can say the patient has an extension intolerance and address their technique and quality of movement. By doing this we don’t rely on imaging which saves us time and saves you money. It also lets us get away with doing short treatment plans to get you back to doing what you love!

In the past few months, I’ve had countless patients come in saying they have a diagnosed disc injury and can’t flex forward. While they may have a disc injury on MRI there’s no way of saying that it is the direct cause of the pain, in fact according to research most likely it is not (A. Babinska et al., 2019)! And even if it was, over 80% of disc injuries heal on their own (no matter the size). Back pain may be caused by microtrauma which is caused by three things

  1. Specific movements
  2. Excessive loading (compression of tissues in the form of too much weight and/or too many reps)
  3. Lack of movement (sustained static posture)

Now number one and two goes together most of the time. Most commonly in the gym, poor movements mixed with excessive loading can lead to microtrauma of structures all throughout the spine. Using the KPM we can avoid tunnel vision from focusing on a specific structure and look how you’re moving all together head to toe. I always tell people, especially other doctors, we treat the person NOT the diagnosis. By diverting away from a specific tissue damage diagnosis like a disc bulge or facet injury, we can see movement dysfunctions or stability/mobility deficits.

Most common type of back pain I have seen is extension intolerance. This is common in people who work at a desk all day and sitting in a flexed posture. The posture itself is not the cause of pain, but the lack of movement is. Some people say they have pain with walking/running and relieved when sitting down, pointing towards extension intolerance. Third example is someone who has pain lifting or even sneezing/coughing, which can be a load intolerance where there’s some spinal instability.

Whenever people come into Medina Sports & Family Chiropractic saying they have a disc injury, degeneration/arthritis, facet pain, etc… I don’t get hung up on the words and diagnoses. Chances are the pain cannot be specific to one thing. So, let’s look at their movement and try and find them a movement that makes them feel better. When I can show someone their sciatica pain can be relieved by an exercise, they light up with happiness. If you are trying to find any sort of comfort, please don’t hesitate and come see us!

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